CRM for Business & Industry Engagement

Launchpad’s Business Services CRM application helps your teams at the state, regional or local level better manage business services and industry engagement.

With Launchpad, we’ve begun to align our regional partners, so we can deliver a unified business service experience for industry and employer customers.

– Caroline Torosis, Los Angeles County Workforce Development

Customer Relationship Management

Built on Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform, Launchpad allows you to track all business activity and regional engagement including business demographic information such as NAICS and SOC codes. All through an easy-to-use interface.

Referral Management

Launchpad’s Referral Management system provides for easy referral of job-ready candidates to employers. Track the status of referrals from interview to hire, and enable self-service options for employers to update referral status through custom portals.

Project Management

Unlock efficiencies with Launchpad’s Project Management toolset. Create and manage business and employer projects in which you can assign tasks, capture all documentation, and track job creation.

Opportunity Matching

Open more opportunities to your job seekers. Automatically match jobs, work-based learning, OJT and more with candidates based on skills, location, wage and more. Collaborate with partners by sharing opportunities to get the most for your clients.

Applicant Tracking

Launchpad’s Applicant Tracking lets you follow applicant progress from initial contact to hire and provide employer portals for direct engagement with partners through the referral process. Know your referral outcomes by staying informed.

Rapid Response

Be a source of stability and information during rapid response engagements. Track dislocated workers, critical events, and services provided to refer clients to the resources they need.

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