Business Services CRM

Want to align business services teams and drive employer engagement?

For cities and counties seeking to align business services regionally, but struggling with ineffective tools to track, engage and share employer and industry data, Launchpad for Business Services is a full featured Cloud, Mobile and Social CRM platform built specifically for Regional Workforce Development collaboratives that provides:

Unlike excel spreadsheets or legacy case management systems, Launchpad will improve employer engagement, accelerate skills development, increase job placement and help demonstrate workforce investment ROI.

  • Employer activity and service tracking
  • Jobs & Skills matching
  • Track recruitment events
  • Job ready candidates
  • Connect and collaborate with partners
  • Referrals, applicant tracking and hires
  • 100% mobile ready
  • Real time reports

Employer & Contact Tracking

Effectively track employer engagement and service delivery to employers locally and regionally. Keep track of conversations and new hiring needs. Organize employers by industry and target sectors.

Align Regionally

Approach business services at the regional level by connecting and aligning all your business services teams across programs and agencies. Collaborate and drive collective sector strategies with Salesforce Chatter.

Job & Skills Matching

Easily match job ready candidates with open opportunities based on skills, wages, location and more. Refer candidates to employers or recruitment events.  

Candidate & Applicant Tracking

Make referrals to employers or service providers for employment opportunities. Track referrals through the application process through to hires.

Mobile Anywhere

Engage employers anywhere, anytime with a fully native mobile application across all web-enabled devices.

Real-Time Reports & Analytics

Run report on WIOA, TANF and other workforce programs. Track your effectiveness in engaging employers, and track performance with unlimited ad-hoc reports.

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