Recently, I have been developing a relationship with one of our local Business Services Representatives.  There have been many great experiences during the process, but what I have really appreciated, as an employer, is knowing I can call and count on a single point of contact.

Once an employer makes the decision to hire,  I encourage the Business Service Representative to share, share and share the potential hidden talent quickly.  Staying in touch with your employers and their needs is so vital; while providing candid updates as to questionable candidates, etc.

As the employer hires, I encourage you to share the eligibility guidelines concerning receiving incentives when hiring participants from targeted employment group(s). Tax Credits and the Federal Program(s)  are an example of offerings that can be extremely valuable to employers and can often mean the difference between hiring a WIA participant and a non‐WIA participant.

Launchpad believes there is a place for every participant. Knowing the strengths, skills and abilities of your participants is the first step  in making  a  good  applicant/job match. Business Services staff can give  participants  a competitive edge when interviewing by “stacking the deck”.  Limit the number of applicants referred (if an employer has too many choices, the hiring process may be delayed).  Stack your deck, “stronger” applicants against similarly skilled “weaker” applicants,  “weaker” applicants against “weakest” applicants and advocate for them all. Presenting applicants to employers in this fashion helps Business Services staff to orchestrate which applicant will be placed and hired swiftly.

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