Accelerate training with Launchpad’s Career Services Application

Shouldn’t people be the center of focus instead of the programs? We agree. With Launchpad, manage your clients across all programs from WIOA to SNAP, E&T, and more. Have a 360-degree view of activities and status across all programs.

The Launchpad Platform helped us Launch a truly hu- man-centered approach to case management and client services.

– Christi Davidson, Memphis Bioworks 

Course & Program Management

Cultivate a holistic perspective of your programs with Launchpad’s Course and Program Management. Track all programs, courses and classes, curriculum and industry skills, as well as trainings and certifications provided by providers.

Training & Employment Plans

Clearly define both progress and goals with comprehensive training and employment plans. Track activities, assessments, goals, tasks, services, barriers, employment history and target careers.

Attendance Tracking

Track attendance associated with all participant engagement from job clubs though full programs. Automated alerts help identify when student attendance indicates risk factors for potential negative outcomes.


Launchpad allows you to manage your certification programs as well as measure their real-world value. Create and track certifications related with skills, industry, or occupational codes for all of your programs. Then, track employability and wage outcomes associated with each certification.

Opportunity Matching

Guarantee your students interface with every possible opportunity. Track internships, apprenticeships and work-based learning opportunities, match students according to their skills, and share job-ready students with partner organizations.

Student Journey

Launchpad’s Student Journey feature gives a complete view of student progress and program engagement, from assessment to outcome and beyond. Closely monitoring student progress allows you to  Identify red flags and direct targeted intervention for maximum student benefit.

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