Client-Centered Case Management CRM

Shouldn’t People be the center of focus instead of the programs? We agree. With Launchpad, manage you clients across all programs from WIOA to SNAP, E&T, and more. Have a 360-degree view of activities and status across all programs.

The Launchpad Platform helped us Launch a truly hu- man-centered approach to case management and client services.

– Christi Davidson, Memphis Bioworks 

Common Intake SSO

Get a 360° view of your client participant on one single configurable record layout. Consolidate relevant participant data across multiple programs. Reduce data entry by pulling participant data from external partner case management systems.


By consolidating data from all partners and programs, Launchpad’s configurable automatic eligibility determination feature helps you never miss an opportunity for your client.

Program Management

Create a central source for data on all your programs and grants. Customize programs and eligibilities through an intuitive interface that requires no coding experience. Automatically apply eligibility requirements to intake forms to streamline program enrollment.

Service Activities

Maintain a client-centric viewpoint by tracking all participant activity across all programs, including case notes, participation records, service codes, eligibility documents and notes from staff, partners and service providers.  


Improve your referral process to training and service providers by easily tracking referral progress and allowing record access by providers through a common service provider portal.   

Customer Journey

Build a roadmap for your client from assessment to outcome and beyond. Identify obstacles and red flags for outcome achievement by pulling in all relevant data sources for a wholistic picture of client progress.

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