Kinexus Group is a workforce development organization that aims to increase economic stability and opportunity in Southwest Michigan by engaging and connecting both job seekers and employers. The tracking and reporting requirements for an organization of this nature are diverse, complex, and dynamic. With Launchpad’s assistance, Kinexus Group was able to implement a holistic centralized workforce data tracking system that saved front line employees time and allowed them to more effectively communicate ROI to their client.

“Currently, we’re tracking seventeen different types of information from teams across the organization.”


  • Diverse data sources and modalities
  • Real-time data-tracking and analysis
  • Collaboration needs across disparate departments

Diverse Data Centralized and Accessible

Kinexus Group faced the all-too-common problem of combining multiple data sources, both quantitative and qualitative, into a single repository that their employees could use to make their jobs easier and improve the operating efficiency of the organization as a whole.  

As a workforce development organization, they needed to track and analyze data from their business resource network, job seekers, event surveys, and their contracts.

With Launchpad, “the customization of how we track and what we’re tracking allows us the freedom to analyze and take action in areas that need it,” says Joshua Cosner, CIO.

download the Kinexus Group case study e-book

Real-Time Results

In order to respond to their internal needs, as well as those of their clients, Kinexus Group needed a system that allowed them access to the data they were tracking in real time. Rather than wait for back-end staff to collect and transform data from their event surveys, Launchpad allows front-line staff access to this data as soon as it is available.

The image below is a snapshot of the data Kinexus Group employees have at their fingertips while they are deployed in the field:

“Having this information aggregated in real time while we are handing out surveys allows us to have a turnaround that much faster not only for internal purposes, but for our valued partners who help us at our events.”

Collaboration Made Easy

Like many organizations that come to us, Kinexus Group wanted the ability to seamlessly share data across departments and to eliminate siloed solutions that act as a barrier to cross-team collaboration.

Using Launchpad’s robust capabilities, Kinexus Group is able to empower its team members to act on any of the multitudinous data points they are collecting. One example of how this has improved their operational efficiency is in contract management.

As soon as a contract action is taken or an adjustment is made, the finance team is able to update the contract in Launchpad’s dashboard. This dashboard is the source of information that a managerial team uses for budgeting and spending allowances.

“Our finance team can communicate in real time with our teams to let them know of changes made, and our managers on the front lines can budget and modify accordingly.”

Not only has this increased trust and transparency between departments, it has also reduced the organizational cost of managing multiple contracts.

download the Kinexus Group case study in PDF

Why it Matters

When we have a successful implementation resulting in a satisfied client, such as the case with Kinexus Group, we at Launchpad know that our platform is working to improve economic development and employment prospects in a particular region.

This is why we work so hard to ensure that each of our clients gets a customized system that meets all of their CRM needs. To see how Launchpad can empower your organization to become data-driven, contact us to set up a demonstration- you won’t regret it.

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