Break Silos & Align Regionally

Launchpad’s collaboration platform enables government, nonprofit and educational organizations to align and deliver integrated customer and employer services. Break down silos, engage partners, share information and launch impact.

We are seeing a huge decrease in time managing these contracts.

– Joshua Cosner, CIO Kinexus Group 

Real-time Collaboration

Unlock the benefits of effortless collaboration both internally and externally; all in real time. Automated updates inform all partners of relevant developments in case files, events, and opportunities. Launchpad’s collaboration features span all devices and support Chatter, mobile, and email notifications.

Create groups

Create groups segmented by team, program or industry sector to improve communication and cut down on unnecessary email. Engage with partners by region to track the progress of initiatives.

Break down silos

Communication and data silos are barriers to effective strategic decision making: break them down with Launchpad. Improve knowledge sharing and collaboration with stakeholders, partners, and funders.

Connect Regionally

Services in sync are better delivered. Align regional efforts around specific programs or initiatives, and collaborate with all government, nonprofit, and educational partners in a sector.

Share Documents

Share all relevant documents through one central manageable platform. Control the flow of information by sharing with teams, groups, or individuals through Chatter.

Collaborate Anywhere

The future is mobile and Launchpad is ready for it. Download the mobile app for real-time collaboration regardless of location. Use Voice-to-Text notes to communicate with staff, share photos and videos, and manage notifications and updates.

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