Business Recruitment,
Retention & Expansion

Increase your reach into the workforce community by tracking all your business relationships in the world’s leading CRM  platform. Track projects, incentives, and opportunities to stay current of new developments and challenges. Quantify your impact by measuring access to capital and corresponding job creation. 

It’s About Jobs

The bottom line in workforce development is successful employment. Measure the economic impact of your organization by tracking job creation, retention, and wage gains seen from program involvement. GIve participants the best chance at success by tracking in-demand talent and skill requirements. 

Layoff Aversion

Layoffs represent a consistent and pervasive challenge to economic development. Rapidly engage with business leaders to provide resource referrals that avert layoffs. Minimize the economic impact of large-scale layoffs from downsizing or factory closings by having resources to engage the newly unemployed at hand.

“From spreadsheets to  real-time data.

The City of Los Angeles prides itself on small and minorirty owned business development. In 2012 the city rebranded it’s Business Assistance Program to Business Source across it’s 9 business one stop centers and needed a system that could improve service delivery to the businesses as well as capture real-time prorgram performance. The Launchpad Economic Development Cloud application was deployed in less than 90 days and allowed the city to provide federal, and local funders real-time data. What used to take 6 months to get reports, now is done in real-time.

– Richard Pallay
City of Los Angeles Business Source

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