Small businesses rely on every employee to work together toward the common goals. Do you have a participant that lacks a small, trainable requirement for a job posting?

Employers often train employees on their best practices to ensure their business and their newly hired employee maximize efficiencies and understand the quality of service required. Employers often consider “Trainability” as an acceptable substitute when individuals don’t already have the needed knowledge. If a person has trainability, even if the new hire comes into the position lacking some necessary skills, the individual can gain the skills while providing a needed service for the company.

If the position requires constant change, the new hire needs to have greater trainability than a position that is generally stagnant. You will also want to keep in mind the dynamics of a small organization and all of the areas that a new hire will need to be trained for desired outcomes.

The need for trainability and adaptability is absolutely essential from your participant!

You may consider conducting a behavioral interview, this may be a good time to share some of the challenges faced by small businesses to assess how the participant would handle typical problems.  While a person’s educational background may not tell their story 100%, find indicators on their openness to learn, know their accountability, identify their character, abilities and drive. Finally, a participant should indicate a willingness to work in challenging environments and develop new skills.

Launchpad offers a host of Job Readiness and Life Skills Workshops. Please contact us as we look forward to discussing the workshops that may help your participants!


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