AJ Train Profile ImageIn this webinar, Bill Waldo, Vice President of Tech Coast Angels Investors and Robert Coleman of the Irvine Chamber of Commerce and Pacific Ventures Club interview Launchpad Co-founder and CEO, Abraham Jankans on what it takes to “Launch” a business.

During this webinar Abraham discusses the various phases Launchpad went through from re-inventing itself into a SaaS technology company, customer discovery and validation, bootstrapping growth to eventually scaling by 250%.

Abraham also talks about lessons learned during the process such as picking the right business model, focusing on solving customer problems and how to scale on a budget. Guest presenter also included Mike Stockwell of BizNextGen.

Here is the audio of the interview.

Audio Download – “What It Takes To Build A Business” (Windows).

Audio Download – “What It Takes To Build A Business” (Mac).

Download the deck from Slideshare.com

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