Job Developers have such a crucial role:
•    Develop relationships with employers that are seeking employees. Set their agency apart from Job Boards and Staffing Firms.
•    Gain the trust and confidence of business owners, CEO’s, H.R. Executives in the community.
•    Accurately deliver the right candidate needed for the position so that there’s a “sticking factor” to the placement.
•    Ensure that all standards are being met by the powers that be, so that appropriate funding continues to flow into the agency.

Among a list of other intangibles that need to be accomplished to help the process of helping people into the right jobs.

Unfortunately several obstacles are encountered that slows down the process of placing people at jobs and many opportunities are lost by not know what to research.

Some of these issues I commonly see are:
•    Following the Old School “Supply Driven Model” instead of using the current “Demand Driven Model”.
•    Knocking on the wrong doors.
•    Talking to people who aren’t decision makers.
•    Not knowing where the money is flowing and what companies have the cashflow available to hire new employees.
•    Not having a tailored pitch, that specifically tells an employer what your distinguishing valuable factors are to incent them to work with you.
•    Improper open jobs to employee matching.
•    Challenges with Service Delivery.

This short video expresses the result of experiencing a workshop where we solves some of these common issues at a well known, Los Angeles based, workforce development agency.

Job Developer UT BLog
Is your agency experiencing some of the same issues?

We’d love to provide you a complimentary 30 minute consultation, listen to some of your current organization pains are and see if we’d be able to help you with a solution.

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