Being the at the heart of Blues, Memphis is a creative thriving city to be in. Memphis Bioworks has taken those creative juices into their workforce agency. Their passion for people and for workforce development in their thriving and growing city has gaining federal grants because of their innovation being able to track and report is critical. Not only are they innovative but very tech forward and see alignment and automation as the way to move forward with the goals they have set for their organization. Launchpad’s cloud-based platform became their eyes and ears to monitor and collaborate with their partners all while aiding them in every aspect of maintenance and reporting the government required for the grants they are stewarding.


Memphis Bioworks are progressive community leaders forging the way through creating companies, jobs, and investments in bioscience. They have influenced entrepreneurs, modern certified labs and facilities, and raised up the next generation of bioscience workers. Launching in 2001 as a way to ignite economic growth in their city by seizing a very thriving Bioscience industry in medical, agricultural, and field logistics.  In addition to the work of the Foundation, Bioworks executes its mission through a family of organizations created to fulfill economic development needs in the community.


Seeing the need in their community and identifying the industries that directly pour into their local economy, they decided to find a way to create more jobs in these industries and help employers grow their business so they could take on the employees. This collaboration lead to national grant that gave them abilities to reach more people in turn making their reporting and tracking system more crucial and intricate. Leading local and regional partnerships and more than 200 training providers and employers focusing on training and placing in the bioscience fields of medical research, health and information technology, environmental remediation skills and technologies, “green” and renewable energy/energy efficiency industries, including electrical, construction and manufacturing. Being able to automate their participant intake for their partners and have eyes to see into all areas of their partners work in the platform was critical. This is where Launchpad enters aligning their reports in one location, automating intake and other key aspects, and making their entire case management platform collaborative.


Their focus is simple, developing and managing new and innovative career skills training programs to align with the needs for highly skilled workers in the ever-emerging employment areas throughout the Greater Memphis Area. After securing a federal grant Memphis Bioworks needed a system that allow them to see every aspect of the grant and all the parts their partners were working in. A collaborative cloud-based platform to align their internal process was vital, but also automating the initial common intake to streamline their process.  First thought was to design a system on their own but the time and detail it would take was not where they wanted to spend their time. “We decided to use Launchpad because it offered everything we needed” Christi Davidson, Program Manager. “After speaking to AJ (Abraham Jankans, CEO of Launchpad) a couple years ago I remember Launchpad and that it was geared toward Workforce Development and since this was a wraparound service I felt like instead of us trying to build this out let’s go where it’s been done.” Launchpad has automated their common intake forms from the beginning of the job seeker entry process and brought collaboration throughout for all case managers.
Managing every aspect of the system can be quite cumbersome, “For every grant that we have the DOL has certain requirements or elements that they want us to track and from a customization standpoint Chem and I did not want to recreate the wheel.” Christi Davidson. Both Davidson and Chem Wilkins, Data Management Systems Coordinator, work in the program daily, even requiring their entire team and all their partners to do the same.  “It’s our tracking, our reporting… so Launchpad is essentially our eyes from a program management, it our eyes into the grant.” Launchpad has given them a chance to really manage all their partners who collaborate and monitor each and every organization.

The team in at Memphis Biowork’s are not only progressive but Launchpad Leaders in the customer community. Launchpad love partnering with them and values not only what they do but what they bring to table. They believe in the Launchpad software and what it has to offer. Their technology savvy forward thinking team are always on the lookout for what is going to improve their outcomes and align best with each initiative. Launchpad is proud to come along-side them and help carry the weight, so they can keep progressing forward to secure more grants that will in turn bring more jobs into their community.


Launchpad was founded in 2012 deeply seeded with a passion for people and a thirst for innovation. Partnering with world leader in technology they have forged a way in the ever growing a changing Workforce and Economic Development sphere. The founding team combined has over 40 years of experience in workforce and economic development which has aided in making such a robust platform that directly helps the needs of the over 60 Workforce Agencies and nonprofit government organizations on the platform.

We strive to invigorate economic, workforce and community development with the latest in technology and improved processes, amplifying our clients’ ability to develop the communities and people they serve. Launchpad’s mission is to Align, Collaborate, and Automate an organization giving them opportunity to focus on what matter, the people they serve.

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