A single platform to Launch outcomes

Case Management CRM

The focus of public sector and nonprofit social & human services is shifting from  program-centric to client-centric outcomes. Deliver improved outcomes for your  clients through a truly human-centered case management platform.

Launchpad’s Case Management CRM combines an intuitive interface with modern  automation and data management tools to provide a centralized 360° view of your  client across any and all programs in which they participate.

Business Services CRM

Government, nonprofit, and educational organizations can improve employer  engagement with Launchpad’s full-featured Business Services CRM. Relationship,  referral, and project management features combined with opportunity and applicant  tracking allow you to ensure that every instance of employer engagement results in  a positive experience.    Click below to discover how aligning your business services with Launchpad can help  you more effectively serve your employer and business customer.

Career Services

Career education providers are at the forefront of sustainable economic  development. Launchpad’s Career Readiness Service helps you improve  employment outcomes by engaging with students throughout the training  process.  Know how and where students require assistance to get them to positive  outcomes through your programs and beyond. Workforce development  agencies and community colleges can facilitate student development by  creating a roadmap for success and tracking student progress along it.

Grant & Contract Management

Launchpad’s Grant and Contract Management solutions will reduce time spent on  applications, ensure compliance, and provide a central repository for all information related  to your grants and contracts. Launchpad offers a modern workflow for every stage of the  grant/contract lifecycle, from application to completion.


Empower your clients and partners with customized, intuitive, mobile-ready portals.    Launchpad Portals can help you connect and deliver virtual services to job seekers,  employers, service, and training providers. All through custom tailored portals that integrate  with your case management and business service CRM.


Sharing relevant data while maintaining good data governance is a delicate balance all  modern workforce development and educational organizations must strike. With  Launchpad’s built-in collaborative functionalities, siloed data and communication channels  are a thing of the past.

Analytics, Reports & Dashboards

Social Services has entered the data-driven era; don’t be left behind. With Launchpad,  finally access and analyze your trends across all programs, partners, and providers in real  time. Know which programs or providers contribute to greater outcomes. Control your data  from all levels of the organization at the State, Regional, Local and Service Provider level.  Empower staff to create their own ad hoc reports.     With greater understanding comes smarter program investment strategies and decisions.  Launchpad’s integrated analytic functionalities are a powerful tool for your government,  non-profit, or educational institution.

Data Sharing

Launchpad is designed for seamless integration at every level. Whether you need to share  data with partners and service providers or integrate with federal, state, or local government  information​ systems, Launchpad has a solution.    Reduce replicate data entry, capture all data and share via a common participant record,  and improve service delivery by offering truly integrated services to your clients and  partners.

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