Grant & Contract Management

Launchpad’s Grants & Contracts Management Application empowers government agencies, nonprofits, education and foundations to launch their impact by streamlining the grant process, and providing valuable data on performance to make better investments in the community and have greater impact.

We are seeing a huge decrease in the amount of time managing these contracts.

– Joshua Cosner, CIO Kinexus Group 

Grants at-a-Glance

Get all relevant grant information into a simple useable format. Define duration, funding by period, eligibility requirements, and eligible providers for any grant at the time of approval. Manage spending against contracts, modifications made, progress through stages, and contract ownership.

Automate Application Process

Build efficiency into your application process with automated application tracking and a modern workflow for grant pursuit and application creation.  Automatic reminders for renewals re-procurement ensure you never fall out of compliance.

Spending & Allocations

Real-time spending and allocation data are critical for managers to make informed decisions. Give them contract data at their fingertips so they know exactly how much money is available from allocated funds and client accounts.

Measure Performance Outcomes

Manage finances and performance for each of your teams as well as grantee’s work outcomes all on one platform.  Stay on top of reporting schedules and provide individual, role-based reminders for compliance and reporting activities. View all funder-related actions and communications at a glance.

Grants & Contracts Portal

Launchpad’s Grant & Contracts Portal provides a central source of information and collaboration hub for all awardees and service providers. Integrate electronic signature and improve collaboration to speed up the funding process. Easily monitor and track service provider performance in real-time.

Document Management

Upload, attach, and digitally track all documents. Automate approvals and reduce paperwork with e-signature functionality. Track grant applications and automatically route approvals.

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