The city of San Francisco, epicenter of the tech industry and the most innovative minds in technology, has changed the way their government connects with employers, job seekers, and residents needing aid. Launchpad’s cloud-based platform, partnered with Salesforce, has helped the city of San Francisco cut down on their data entry by over 60% in their Human Services department. This time savings has directly benefited the citizens they serve by giving the staff more time to align and engage with citizens, automate data-driven procedures, and collaborate with staff with goals to bring opportunity to engage and take action on city-related issues. Human Services is just the first of many departments that are transitioning over to this automated system.


The beautiful city of San Francisco is home to over 800,000 people and over one in four are at risk of not meeting their basic needs, such as access to food, health insurance, or supportive care. That means that San Francisco Human Services helps more than 250,000 citizens by aligning them with the services and resources they need to thrive. Founded in 2004, the Department of Human Services merged with the Department of Aging and Adult Services, later adding on the Office of Early Care and Education in order to service a large spectrum of citizens.


This means that San Francisco Human services assist more than 250,000 citizens by aiding and aligning them with the services and resources they need to thrive. In addition they help thousands of San Franciscans not just find but retain jobs, stay safe from abuse, build healthy families, stay supported late in life, and more. With more than 2,200 employees and hundreds of community partners delivering more than 60 services, its clear to see that San Francisco is committed to the health, safety, and success of their citizens. However, tracking and reporting on each program, citizen, and job is a daunting task. Launchpad has helped align their procedures, collaborate with multiple programs, and automate the paperwork so they can focus on what matters: the people.

“A task that would take 2-3 hours and it’s is reduced down to 15 minutes.”


For a city of startups and ingenuity, having a cloud-based contingent-centric management platform is vital for the ever-changing job industry. The ability to track and report is vital and according to Yunnie Tai, Administrative Manager for Welfare to Work, and her team at San Francisco Human Services. “People spend more time working with employers and less time on paperwork,” Tai said. “We meet people at the most challenging time of their life.” so having this ease of a system that assist them in focusing on the person and not the paper is integral.

With unemployment at a 15-year low, it’s the ideal time for San Francisco Human Services to integrate this new technology, initially focusing on jobs but flowing into many areas of their internal process. “It’s easy to update, easy to create reports, can handle a lot of our business process making everything virtually seamless,” Tai said. Eli Asenloo, a manager on their team raves about how it saves time and how they “don’t need to transfer from one (program) to the next,” showing how administrative tasks are automated to allow them to focus on what really matters. The entire team has seen huge time savings. “Launchpad has cut 50% to 60% of our time on data entry,” Asenloo said. “A task that would take two to three hours is reduced down to 15 minutes.”

It’s easy to see that Launchpad offers a solution that saves time through a gamete of products. San Francisco HSA has embraced the LP reporting and analytics. “[It’s] really easily accessible. I love the list and how easy it is to create their own report,” Yunnie Tai said.


Launchpad was founded in 2012 and is deeply seeded with a passion for people and a thirst for innovation. By partnering with Salesforce, a world leader in technology, they have forged a way in the ever-growing and ever-changing workforce and economic development sphere. The founding team has over 40 years of combined experience in workforce and economic development, which has aided in making such a robust platform that directly helps the needs of the over 60 workforce agencies and nonprofit government organizations on the platform.

Launchpad strives to invigorate economic, workforce, and community development with the latest in technology and improved processes, amplifying our clients’ ability to develop the communities and people they serve. Launchpad’s mission is to align, collaborate, and automate an organization by giving them the opportunity to focus on what matters: the people they serve.

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