Welfare to Work

Help your customers meet their training or work requirements, and help employers subsidize their talent needs.

Whether it’s SNAP Employment & Training or TANF work requirements, Launchpad’s workforce development cloud can help you transition customers from public assistance to employment faster and at a lower cost.

  • Help participants meet training and employment requirements
  • Track and manage training and workshop attendance
  • Manage employer contracts and subsidized employment
  • Track job openings, referrals, placements and VOE’s

Meet training and work requirements with less resources

Improve program and staff efficiencies while ensuring participants meet their training or employment requirements. Automate processes and serve more customers with less resources.

Help employers hire untapped talent and improve outcomes

With the unemployment rate at record low numbers, benefit recipients represent a tremendous pool of untapped talent. Help employers access the talent to create jobs.  

Increase program participation and manage attendance

The more participants that successfully complete orientation and job club, the more they will enter the workforce. With Launchpad, you can easily know who is on track and who needs additional support.

Track participants from referrals through to employment verification

With Launchpad, you have a fully featured applicant tracking system that can track job orders, referrals, applications, hires, placement and verifications.

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