Unifying multiple workforce grants onto a single platform will improve efficiencies and better access to all program data. 

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Launchpad is excited to announce that Success Centers San Francisco (SCSF), an innovative provider of workforce development services in San Francisco has selected Launchpad as it’s Universal Case Management system.

Success Center San Francisco, formerly known as the Youth Guidance Center Improvement Committee, was established in 1983 by San Francisco Superior Court Judges to provide educational and employment opportunities to youth in SF’s juvenile detention. Since then, Success Center has grown to serve any youth engaged in the justice system or marginalized individuals at high risk for disconnection from society.

Because SCSF manages numerous workforce and education programs, funded through different government agencies and foundations, it needed a case management system that could manage more than just a single grant program, and was tailored toward the needs of a workforce development agencies with capabilities to do employer tracking, relationship management and placement tracking. Additionally, the tool needed to provide robust reporting and analytics capabilities and be customizable by the agency.

SCSF selected Launchpad and it’s Workforce Development solutions because of it’s use with similar non-profit and government agencies in the region, and because their application is native to the Salesforce platform, providing SCSF the flexibility to customize the system as well as manage information beyond case management and workforce development, such as donor and event management. “We are excited to be working with Success Centers because of the amazing and important work they do in the San Francisco community, providing opportunities to youth and creating economic empowerment.”, Abraham Jankans, CEO of Launchpad.

About Launchpad. Launchpad is the leading provider of customizable case management, business services CRM, labor exchange and multi-department collaboration applications for government and nonprofit workforce development agencies built natively on Salesforce.

Numerous workforce development and economic development agencies nationwide, including the City and County of San Francisco’s Economic and Workforce Department, The City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department, The County of Los Angeles Office of Education (TANF), the State of Wisconsin’s 11 workforce development boards, and the City of San Jose Workforce Investment board use Launchpad’s application for everything from Case Management, to Job Development, Labor Exchange, Business Services, Regional Collaboration, Layoff Aversion and real-time reporting. Launchpad brings critical subject matter expertise in the area of workforce development and workforce development specific applications.

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