If your agency is the recipient of several or even dozens of funding streams, tracking outcomes is certainly a challenge – but before you can track outcomes, can you even track enrollments? On the most basic level, are you able to easily find out which participants are being funded by or enrolled in which grants? How do you track services to the same participant spread across program co-enrollments?

multiple-streamsEvery agency is unique and has a unique set of reporting and tracking challenges, from applications to outcomes. The days where you can track increasingly complex sets of reporting requirements across multiple funding streams are leaving us. Spreadsheets and paper files aren’t cutting it anymore. Even static client-server-based systems don’t respond nimbly enough to the ever-changing needs of government and non-profit funding sources, and they certainly don’t allow your cross-functional teams to collaborate instantly.

The answer today lies in having a tracking system that’s customized to your unique set of requirements; a system that’s always “on” and accessible 24/7, whether you’re in the office or not. You’ll get the best results and increase your outcomes from having your team able to “chat” each other live.

Worksource provides robustly customizable apps for workforce development, from application, through enrollment and training, while also improving your visibility to participant data and increasing your team’s ability to communicate in real-time. Give it a spin today!


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