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Bringing Workforce Development into the Data-Driven Era

This Wednesday we had the opportunity to sit down with a representative from one of Launchpad’s valued customers, the Kinexus Group, to learn about how they leveraged the Launchpad platform to help bring them into the data-driven era.

The Kinexus Group knew they had to leverage the power of data to remain competitive, but ran into the following challenges:

  • Diverse data sources and types.
  • Inability to track and manage data.
  • Lack of collaboration.

The Southwest Michigan-based workforce development organization aims to improve their regional economy by cultivating a skilled work-ready labor force and engaging with employers to provide “sustainable, systemic solutions” for their workforce challenges.

Joshua Cosner, CIO and VP of Finance at the Kinexus Group, graciously took the time to answer questions on just how Launchpad helped them to build a holistic system for tracking workforce development data that increased collaboration, transparency, and efficiency.

The webinar is engaging and packed with useful insights, but for those who want a brief overview, we have provided a summary of the conversation between AJ, CEO of Launchpad, and Joshua below.

“Tell us about the Business Resource Network (BRN) and how you track companies and their workforce.”

Joshua explains that the Kinexus Group uses their BRN as a tool primarily focused on increasing employee retention. They wanted to aggregate data to tell the story of how investments that eliminate barriers to retention, such as lack of transportation, allow employers to improve their bottom lines by saving the costs associated with high employee turnover.

To do so the Kinexus Group created a BRN dashboard that drew data from both employee and employer sources and allowed them to approach their partners with verifiable ROI data. Data from over 1500 employees in multiple industries can be accessed through one simple interface, allowing the Kinexus Group a complete view of their BRN’s efficiency.

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How have you changed the way you track workforce participant (talent) data?

The primary problem the Kinexus Group faced with tracking their participant data was the breadth of programs available to, and utilized by, their target workforce. Disparate data prevented them from maintaining a holistic view of their participants in real time.

By creating a Talent Metric Dashboard that pulled data from all of their programs, the Kinexus Group was able to overcome this obstacle. With Launchpad, they are able to pull up dashboards for each of their participants that show everything from employment and educational outcomes down to timestamps of staff engagement through a particular program.

What Improvement have you seen in team collaboration and efficiency?

The Kinexus Group found that the most impactful improvement in collaboration came from their own back-end use of Launchpad for contract and economic resource management. Because they pursue non-formula and competitive funds, it was imperative that staff have access to accurate real-time budget and contract data at all times.

Extracting contract and budget data from spreadsheets to a useable communicable format in their “Contracts App” provided all the Kinexus Group employees with a real-time single source of truth. The time-consuming labor-intensive task of accessing up-to-date contract data was eliminated.

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How did you get staff onboard with the changes (associated with Launchpad’s deployment)?

Joshua’s insight into how an organization can approach change management will be valuable to any business leader facing a potentially disruptive process adjustment intrinsic in a technology platform adoption.

The Kinexus Group managed this change by ensuring the “path of least resistance” led through Launchpad. To do this, they struck a balance between mandating use and responding to end-user concerns with how Launchpad affected their day-to-day work processes.

Once onboard, the benefits of a properly managed Workforce Development CRM platform became abundantly clear. Rather than a roadblock to day-to-day tasks, Launchpad served as a powerful tool that made the Kinexus Group’s employee’s jobs easier, especially as it related to demonstrating value to their clients. Using Launchpad, the Kinexus Group was able to give funders and business partners what they wanted: data that showed how their investment impacted their bottom line.

In the months following their deployment, they have seen a four-fold increase in user adoption. For more information, including examples of dashboards and real-world examples of the principles discussed above, please watch a recording of the webinar above which features an informative Q+A session at its culmination.

What You’ll Learn From this Webinar:

  • How Launchpad was used to engage with business partners in the terms they understand best: ROI.
  • What surprising collaborative benefits arise from transferring disparate data sources to a managed centralized platform.
  • How the Kinexus Group was able to successfully realign their organization to focus on data-driven principles that improved their operating efficiency.

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