Skills Wisconsin LogoIn 2012, Skills Wisconsin, a collaborative representing Wisconsin’s eleven workforce development boards as well as the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, the Department of Workforce Development, the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and the Wisconsin Technical College System was formed with a three year goal of:

  • Improving coordination of business services among WIBs and workforce areas
  • Improving coordination between/across workforce development programs and economic development (ED) entities across regions
  • Gather real-time data on business needs and translate them into training programs

In order to facilitate improved collaboration and the collection of real-time data across the state, Skills Wisconsin engaged Launchpad to deploy a customized version of its’ Workforce Development application built on the platform. Now Skills Wisconsin has over 200 business services and case management staff using the platform, including the mobile app, able to coordinate business outreach between regions, access business and participant records, and improve overall business services to employers. Join us Tuesday, September 17th to hear how Skills Wisconsin is revolutionizing regional collaboration with Launchpad’s innovative app built on the platform. During this webinar you will learn about:

  • Best practices for driving regional collaboration
  • How to improve adoption and change management in Workforce Development
  • How to leveraging cloud, social and mobile technology

Who Should Attend: Workforce & Economic Development Policy Makers, Executive Directors, IT, Business Services & Case Management Staff, Partners, Non-Profits — and anyone interested in improving the way you collaborate regionally.

Read The Case Study About Skills Wisconsin



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