As we get ready to launch our Regional JOBS Cloud initiative with Salesforce, I wanted to highlight the three themes we’ll be discussing, and share how these themes are driving change in Workforce Development.

Theme # 1 – Demand Driven
Demand-Driven is hardly a new topic, however how agencies implement and become more demand-driven and business oriented is continually evolving. Businesses continue to create jobs at a rapid pace, with more job openings than ever before. Additionally, agencies are now shifting to a regional approach to workforce development, looking for better ways to align with economic development and education partners.

Theme # 2 – Customer Driven
Your customers (Job Seekers, Employers, Partners & Staff) and mobile first people. The mobile device has replaced computers as the primary computing device. Workforce agencies must look to adopt a “Mobile 1st” strategy in order to be effective and competitive. This requires moving away from a paper forms and a spreadsheet mentality and to a cloud, social and mobile strategy.

Theme # 3 – Data Driven
Probably the most common and important theme we hear from workforce development executives is the need to have better access to their data. Whether it’s a state agency that wants more timely and accurate data from the local regions or it’s the local region that needs greater visibility into program and provider performance, access to real-time data is a major challenge for workforce agencies.

We’ll be discussing how various agencies are using new cloud, social and mobile technologies to become more Demand, Customer and Data Driven!

Please join us for our our webinar on Thursday October 15th @ 10:00 AM PST.

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