Who We Are

Our Promise

Our cloud based People Centered software gives you space to focus on what really matter, the people you are helping!

How We Began

Launchpad’s roots are in employment & economic development. The founders combined experience in entrepreneurship, workforce development, economic development, and technology provided us a unique expertise to create a company that could really transform a sector and usher in a new connected, demand-driven and data-driven workforce & economic development era.  

Our ‘Ah-huh’ moment came while working on several workforce development consulting engagements. We experienced first hand the challenge many workforce, economic and career development organizations face an internal cloud-based people-centric software that we launched to our clients and by year-end, it was our main product. A simple engaging system we created to align, collaborate, and automate many of our internal structure was the tool that our clients needed. Now we have clients ranging from the urban streets of Los Angeles, lakes of Michigan, to the rolling hills of Pennsylvania.

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