Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

Achieve your WIOA state and local plans goals by integrating all your Workforce Development programs and services on a single platform.

For state and local WIOA workforce agencies and service providers seeking to achieve integrated workforce services, but struggling with complex, inflexible, legacy systems that don’t integrate with each other, Launchpad’s Workforce Development Cloud is a fully-featured, scalable, secure and customizable off the shelf platform for workforce development agencies.

Launchpad can accelerate your plans of integrating workforce development programs and partners, and improve overall service delivery with the world’s leading cloud platform.

  • Align partners and providers to deliver integrated workforce services.
  • Manage all your workforce programs on a single system.
  • Improve effectiveness in the service business.
  • Easily meet quarterly and annual reporting requirements.
  • Deploy common intake portals
  • Drive regional collaboration

Integrate Workforce Development

The future of Workforce Development requires multiple state and local agencies to align and integrate in order to deliver effective Job Training Services to employer and job Seeker customers. See how Launchpad can help you integrate your Workforce Development system.

Align Regional and leverage resources and target industries

Economic regions vary from city to city and state to state, so your workforce strategy must also focus on how to align services and partners and the regional level.

Manage all your workforce programs on a single platform

One of the biggest challenges for Workforce Development agencies is managing all of the various Workforce programs and funding streams.  Launchpad will help you focus on the customer and less on the program delivering true customer-centered services.

Effectively serve business and industry

Today we are in a truly demand-driven Workforce Development system. Launchpad is the leading platform for Workforce Development Business Services nationally.

Common Intake and no wrong door

Customers today are frustrated with having to go to multiple sources inside of Workforce Development Services. Integrate all of your data in a single source and deliver truly one-stop no wrong door Workforce Development Services.

Become a data-driven workforce agency with Real-Time Reports & Analytics

Don’t let your data hold you back and driving performance and outcomes. Data driven workforce agencies are using Launchpad to go beyond standard WIOA reports and dive deep into trends in analysis.   

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