WHWWomen Helping Women is a 501(c)(3) whose mission is to provide comprehensive employment support services to empower disadvantaged men, women and teens to achieve economic self-sufficiency through employment success. The agency has served over 40,000 clients since 1993. WHW’s Employment Success Program includes resume and interviewing skills, workshops, computer classes, job placement, image consulting, professional apparel services, and transportation services. Supported by United Way, WHW’s services are always at no charge or obligation to clients and referring non-profit partners.

This year, WHW expects to serve over 5,000 disadvantaged and low-income clients from all over Orange County.  WHW’s funders require them to track each client interaction and report on a variety of measures of status and success. Measuring outcomes for participants, especially those enrolled in multiple programs, has become increasingly complex, causing WHW to outgrow their ability to do so through traditional means such as paper, spreadsheets and even traditional databases.

WHW first began working with Launchpad while looking for a system to provide better data on job placements and case management. Launchpad designed a customized version of our WorkSource solution, which not only fulfilled all WHW’s reporting needs, but which WHW staff found easy to use. Soon after, they WHW approached us to expand the platform to begin tracking outcomes for their other programs.

Currently, WorkSource is used to track all of their participant data across all programs. With the digitization of their records, WHW has been able to save time when analyzing data and reporting back to funders and other agencies. Many tasks that were originally performed on paper and could take upwards of a few hours are now done in a matter of minutes, allowing WHW to focus more time on serving their clients and assisting job seekers with being prepared for interviews instead of spending time managing their data.

For more information on WHW and its Employment Success Program, go to www.whw.org. Feel free to check out WHW’s Press Room at http://www.whw.org/who-is-whw/press-room.

Launchpad is an innovative leader in cloud technology, training and consulting services to the workforce, economic and community development sectors. We recognize that today’s challenging economic environment asks workforce and economic development agencies to deliver greater results with shrinking resources. Launchpad’s application, Worksource, is driven by Salesforce’s force.com platform and has helped drive efficiency, accountability and boost placements for Workforce Development since 2010.

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