Become a truly data-driven workforce development agency with a 360° view of your customers and programs.

Workforce Investment & Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Deliver on the intent of WIOA with a fully integrated, multi-program platform that includes human-centered case management, a labor exchange, and business services and analytics platform for state, regional and local workforce development.

Welfare To Work, SNAP & TANF

Help move people from public assistance to financial stability with a single platform to manage participants, programs, service providers, employers and more. Track everything from the job club to subsidized employment and work experience.

Youth Employment & opportunity

Improve youth engagement and automate manual processes with a proven platform for youth employment. Whether it’s a summer program or year-round, Launchpad will help increase engagement with mobile apps and SMS messaging and simplify referrals with service provider portals, all while streamlining back office with timesheets and automated workflow.

Career & Technical Education

Launchpad helps Community & Technical Colleges exceed training performance goals by connecting staff and faculty on campus and providing a 360° view of the student along the training journey. Delivery measurable outcomes for your career and technical education programs.

It's About Jobs

The bottom line in workforce development is successful employment. Measure the economic impact of your organization by tracking job creation, retention, and wage gains seen from program involvement. GIve participants the best chance at success by tracking in-demand talent and skill requirements.

Rapid Response

Pro-actively respond to layoffs and plant closings by quickly aligning and coordinating services at the state, regional or local level to employers and their dislocated workers. Track Rapid Response activities with employers and any to quickly leverage public and private resources to minimize disruptions associated with job loss.

“Currently, we’re tracking seventeen different types of information from teams across the organization.”

Kinexus Group faced the all-too-common problem of combining multiple data sources, both quantitative and qualitative, into a single repository that their employees could use to make their jobs easier and improve the operating efficiency of the organization as a whole.

As a workforce development organization, they needed to track and analyze data from their business resource network, job seekers, event surveys, and their contracts. With Launchpad, “the customization of how we track and what we’re tracking allows us the freedom to analyze and take action in areas that need it,” says Joshua Cosner, CIO.

– Joshua Cosner, CIO
Kinexus Group, Michigan

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