Create more opportunities for youth by streamlining and automating your youth employment programs.

360° view of the Student Participant

Improve engagement and participation in youth employment programs by maintaining a holistic view of student participants. Communicate with students in their language with social and SMS messaging to increase outreach, and scale youth employment opportunities with automation and reporting features.

Manage Referrals, Attendance & Outcomes

Launchpad helps you stay on top of inbound and outbound referrals through a single platform. Increase the impact of your referrals by comprehensively matching opportunities based on skill and background.  Monitor program performance and student engagement by tracking attendance and outcomes with charts and dashboards through an easy-to-use platform. Automate timesheet tracking and connect them to back-office accounting systems.

Measure Service Provider Performance

Get the most out of service provider partnerships by closely measuring and monitoring their performance. Simplify referral tracking with an integrated service provider portal and identify which service providers are contributing the most to greater youth employment outcomes.

“Giving Youth Real Opportunity.

Partner4Work was first introduced to Launchpad at the beginning of 2016 when we implemented their customer relationship management system and online application for our Learn and Earn program. Our summer youth employment program employs about 2,000 youth and involves 30+ community-based youthserving agencies, 20+ corporate employers, 300+ summer job sites, a number of funders, and more than 3,000 youth applicants.

-McCrae Martino, Chief Program Officer
Partner4Work, The Workforce Development Board for the Pittsburgh Area

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